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private classes

1 class | 60£
4 classes | 200£

1 hour in-person session (in studio)


Wether you are just starting yoga or practicing for a longer time, the one-to-one classes are a great tool to deepen your practice and make it evolve according to your physical condition, your needs and your objectives.

small groups

If you wish to practice in the intimacy of a small group, we can set up private classes for you and your friends or family. A nice opportunity to get together, move and have fun in a smooth and relaxed atmosphere.

meet your guides!


My number one priority during my classes is that everyone feels good, and every body finds its place. This is why I teach Strala Yoga and Yin Yoga, two practices that really take into account individual characteristics and differences. I guide you with softness into a flowing practice and the exploration of natural movement. And I take you into deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra sessions.


The more time passes, the more I leave occidental yoga codes behind. I broaden my practice, simplify my instructions and guide my students towards building their own practice. I encourage them to customize the poses, create movement on the mat and find a practice that meets the body needs. Dynamic when it wants to sweat, soft when it want to enjoy, slow when it wants to think…

Flow Life yoga

create your own practice wherever you are on the yoga path



Buzy schedule, pathology or injury requiring extra care, we adapt to you creating customised classes and offering personalized guidance and follow-up to fit your needs.


first steps

You are a beginner and doesn’t know where to start? We review the basics of yoga and natural movement, then we move forward together step by step, at your own pace.


go deeper

You have been practicing for a long time and wish to go deeper? We build together a roadmap tailored to meet your objectives in order to deepen your practice without taking any risk.

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and design the perfect program for you!

what our students say

Gwen & Rémi welcome you to their universe and give us the keys to learn how to discover yourselves. If you are looking for a practice that feels like you, you've come to the right place. Cultivating self-awareness, listening to your body, softness, fluidiy but also energy, challenge and perseverance. More than just a yoga practice, it is a life lesson that I learn from their teaching and I can definitely recommend it to everyone who is looking to feel better.


I have discovered Gwen & Rémi's teaching more than a year ago now and I am addicted to their own styles! On one side, Gwen takes you into practicing fluidity and softness, and on the other side Rémi brings his pep and pedagogy to the picture, with classes full of energy! It is always a delight to follow them on the mat and I can't wait to discover more from them.


I have met Gwen & Rémi more than a year ago at their studio in Orléans and I have not hesitated to follow them into the Flow Life adventure. The classes are varied and diverse, from Yin Yoga to Strala, through Yoga Nidra and meditation. In addition, good vibes are always in the air! Live classes are the occasion to share and get advice. And the online yoga retreats are a true delight, I am already looking forward to the next one!