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flow life.

I help people thrive through their diet and their routine


Our 6-week coaching program | 200£

4 in-person sessions (1 hour)

ongoing exchange

An ongoing exchange via WhatsApp and e-mail during the 6 weeks of this program, in addition to the coaching sessions in order to maximise its potential.

tailored just for you

Practical resources created just for you. Templates to plan your meals, journaling prompts, reading lists, meditation scripts, etc. Everything you will need along your own journey.


Personalized recipes, made to fit your lifestyle, super-quick and easy-to-make. We cook for you first according to your diet, we create and improve, and we send you the recipes afterwards.

meet rémi, your coach

i set the base

I graduated as Nutrition Advisor from Future Fit Training
in 2018, and started coaching clients right after.

and never stopped learning

For years now, I have been implementing my knowledge with an ongoing learning in nutrition and behavioral psychology, as well as stress and sleep science, to update and improve my work.

Rémi Barbier Nutrition Flow Life

everything can be done with ease and softness, even our greatest accomplishments

going dairy-free

With easy-to-find ingredients and my super-quick recipes, you can make sure you have everything you need.

lose weight

What if, with the right methods, we could achieve this simply with ease and softness, and no frustration?

going gluten-free

With very simple adjustments and my handy and delicious recipes, you can cook quickly and effortlessly.

simplify cooking

Finding what to cook, cook, make a shopping list, go shopping… I have very useful tips to reduce your mental load.

emotional eating

We dive into emotional eating mechanisms and create more effective and sustainable alternatives.

boost your diet

We find simple implementations that make the difference and will make you fitter and stronger.

let's book our first session

Enroll today and make the first step towards an easier nutrition that works for you. Become your own zen chef and learn dozens of easy-to-make and delicious recipes for your everyday meals.

what our clients say

What are we eating tonight ? This very simple question can quickly become super overwhelming for some people. During the program, we worked on both the plate and everything that can have an impact on eating behaviors. And for that Rémi has plenty of tools and resources to offer: breathing exercises, journaling, meditations... This support allowed me on the one hand, to reduce my stress and my mental load, and on the other hand, to re-establish weekly meal planning in my routine - thanks to a menu template and a list of simple, quick and delicious recipes. Even the children were entitled to their personalized recipes and they are always very happy to cook and taste what they make.


A tailor-made coaching, a very helpful follow-up, individual sessions constantly evolving in order to find the best path to each individual... For my part, it is the tailored recipes that have most helped me, because they are simple and quick, and very healthy. The constant exchanges with Rémi helped me better understand my body and how to nourish it with as many nutrients as possible. And the coaching doesn't stop there, Rémi also showed me great techniques to regulate my anxiety and stress.