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Learn more about our different classes and choose the practices that suit you best. Dynamic flows, gentle practices, energetic classes, etc.  Whatever you prefer, we’ve got you covered!


strala yoga

A dynamic practice based on natural movement where we flow continuously from one pose to the next, with no end points. The movement is slow and fluid, coming from the center and fueled by the breath. We help you connect to your sensations, learn how to handle challenges with ease, and move how it feels good for you.


strala yoga

A dynamic practice focusing on building strength and balance where we flow through more challenging moves, firing up the energy! There might be a little sweat and heat involved but we always offer variations so you can adjust the intensity of the session, keep moving at your own pace and feel good along the way.


strala yoga

A dynamic practice designed to drop stress and release tension from your body and mind through easygoing movements and attention centered to the breath. You will gently improve both strength and flexibility, mobility and stability, increase focus and concentration, and end up feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated.


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