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Bring ease and softness to your everyday life! We offer in-studio yoga classes and workshops and we can also guide you personally with private classes, nutrition coaching and bring yoga to the workplace.

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we are gwen & rémi!

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We are both French yoga teachers and we moved to Cambridge in November 2021. Rémi is also a Nutrition Adviser. In France, we have run a yoga studio for several years and have recently founded an online studio.

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We are guiding Strala Yoga classes, a dynamic practice based on natural movement, as well as gentle classes such as Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation.
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our vision

Our yoga is based on movement. And on one simple idea : we are all different. We will naturally have our own version of a same posture, our own transitions to go from one to the other and our own sensations on the mat along the way. Our yoga is a journey, not a destination.

move naturally

Acknowledging this difference is letting go the frustration of not being able to do exactly what we have seen on the other. And its focusing our attention because each day is different. Fatigue, energy, stiffness in the morning, tensions in the evening, our bodies will not feel good in the same positions from one moment to the next.

with softness and ease

During our classes, we are guiding you through an exploration of movement and sensations with softness and ease, in order to move how it feels good for you.